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NEWS & TOPICS [2019]

Students coming to Tohtech from Hsusan Chuang University in Taiwan


From October 16 to October 18, 2019, 11 students and 2 leading teachers came form Hsusan Chuang University in Taiwan which is our university exchange agreement.
In the Department of Applied Japanese Studies at HCU, they visiting the partner universities in Japan and have the “Abroad education training” to broaden student international perspective. This is second time to visit to our university. Students from Taiwan, during the stay, they use the training room in Nagamachi campus, went to Sendai city sightseeing with our students and had a deepen the friendship.
On October 17, we had a workshop call “HCU×Tohtech International Exchange Discussion”. From HCU student introduced the differences in life between Japan and Taiwan and personality analysis, and Tohtech students made a presentation on garbage collection way and environmental problems in Japan and Taiwan.
Dr. Ikeda and Dr. Kwak visited the President Konno to discuss about future exchange in both universities.

Join the event of International exchange hold on St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas, USA


We have been in contact with St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas, USA since our visit at JICE’s Kakehashi Project in 2016. This time, in order to deepen exchange and to discuss the conclusion of an international cooperation agreement, and we were hold the student exchange program at the same time when visiting from our university so that our students can experience American university campus life. From our university, Dr. S. Cooke and 4 students went to USA from 25 August 2019 to 1 September 2019. In the St. Thomas University, students were joined the lesson, and had a presentation of their own university life in Japan. Dr. Cooke met a vice president Prof. C. Evans to discussed the regarding future exchanges between both universities. During the stay, they went to NASA space center, and to watch the major league baseball game. It was a god opportunity for students to test their English skills.

Join the event of International exchange hold on Hsusan Chuang University in Taiwand


Two students and one teacher joined the event of International exchange and Japanese culture week in Hsusan Chuang University in Taiwan. In first, two students had a presentation of introduce their department and campus life in Japan. And then, they became an evaluator of session by local students, and they discussed about Japanese culture with them all. Prof. Asuka Sato invited from Girls’ Private High-school, and she gave hands-on group work lesson, two students were also helped the lesson and interacting with high school students, too.In last day of stay, President of HCU took them to short trip of historical place of Taiwan. They had great time in Taiwan, and made good memories with local students.

The signing ceremony of the International Partnership Agreement was carried out with Guangzhou University in China


On April 26 2019, the vice president of Guangzhou University, Dean of Life Science Division, Dean of Earthquake Resistance Research Center, and person in charge of International exchange visited Japan, and came to our university. Guangzhou University and Tohtech made conclusion the agreement of International partnership in 2002. It has been over 10 years, we signed a new International partnership agreement and discussed to strengthen our relationship.