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NEWS & TOPICS [2017]

Join the summer program in Thai-nichi Institute of Technology in Thailand


Thai-nichi Institute of Technology holds a summer program every year for recruiting university students in Japan. From our university, two students took part in the program from 22nd August to 2nd September 2017. As part of the program, students learned the history of Thailand and learned Thai language in university lectures. Students had the chance to homestay with a Thai family, and visit a local Japanese company. For excursions, the ten-day program took in tours of museums and temples, sightseeing of Ayuttaya’s historic sites. There were also mangrove planting activities. As the students’ first time in Thailand, they had the opportunity to touch a different culture and see different lifestyle habits, resulting in really rich experience for all the participants.

Join to the training course of Chinese and Culture of Taiwan in Hsusan Chuang University


Three students from our university took part in a training course of Chinese language and the Culture of Taiwan, held at Hsusan Chuang University, Taiwan, from 7th to 20th August 2017. The course consists of a two-week short-term study where students learn basic Chinese language and visit Taiwan’s historic sites and sights. There was a chance to enjoy culturalexchange with students of Hsusan Chuang University, and our students enjoyed a fun trip with them. It was a wonderful way to enjoy Taiwan.

Join the 10th Anniversary Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology Celebration Party And concluded the agreement of international exchange


Our university established an agreement of international exchange with Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) in 2007.
TohTech President Hiroshi Konno (PhD) was invited to be a guest at a reception to celebrate the school’s tenth anniversary.
During his stay, President Konno visited TNI in order to sign a renewal the MOU agreement of exchange between our two universities with TNI President Prof. Banchit Rojarayanont. The agreement seeks to establish and further friendship between Thailand and Japan, and mutual understanding and deepening friendship and goodwill between our two universities regarding research, education and cultural exchanges.

Held a ceremony of short-term international students from Hsusan Chuang University Taiwan


On 11th July 2017, we held a closing ceremony for two short-term international students of Hsusan Chuang University Taiwan who came to Sendai from 14th June. Ms. Yumi Okimoto and Ms. Tsai-Jou Chen, gave a report on what they learned from their classes, university life at TohTech, memories of Sendai, and so on. President, Prof. Hiroshi Konno gave a congratulatory message to the two international students.He stated that though they were here for just one month, they had experienced an opportunity to live in another country where cultures are different and he expressed his hope that this had been a valuable experience for them. In addition, Prof. Asuka Sato who accepted the students to work in her research group , said that the period during which the two students were present had a good impact on the other students in the group.

Join to the International Cultural Week in Hsusan Chuang University Taiwan


Four students from our university were dispatched to the “International Cultural Week” event which was held at Hsusan Chuang University in Hsinchu City, Taiwan for 6 days from April 24, 2017. At the event, the students gave presentations on the theme of the Great East Japan Earthquake, research at our university and TohTech campus life. During the stay, our students had a fun time with the students of Hsusan Chuang University, and they became interested in Taiwanese culture.