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NEWS & TOPICS [2013]

Study exchange agreement with the Illinois Institute of Technology.


We had study exchange agreement with the Illinois Institute of Technology. We are looking forward to future exchanges between our institutions.

Illinois Institute of Technology
[Summary] The Illinois Institute of Technology is a private university established in 1940. The main campus is located in Chicago, Illinois. The abbreviation is IIT. IIT is a member of the Association of Independent Technological Universities (AITU).
The Chicago-Kent College of Law was established in 1887, and due to influence from the Bauhaus movement, the Institute of Design was established in 1937. These schools were combined to form the current IIT.
The main campus is located at 565 West Adams Street in Chicago. It is about 10 minutes by train to the south of the Loop, Chicago’s central business district. Most of the university buildings and the overall layout was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Most famous of the buildings is Crown Hall. The Business School and Law School are located at the downtown campus.

Three of our students visit foreign countries through the “Kizuna Project”


For 10 days in February, as part of the Kizuna (bond) project sponsored by Japan International Cooperation Center(JICE) Two of our students went to Myanmar and one to India to interact with local students of the same age and create deep bonds of friendship. During their many experiences there, they spent time thinking about the 2nd anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and what they should be doing to help, renewing their interest in recovery efforts.

Travel Period
India: February 18-27, 2013
Myanmar: February 6-15, 2013

Link to Student Travel Journals

Students from South Pacific University came to our university through the JENESYS2.0 program which hosts short-term exchange students from Pacific island nations.


The purpose of this Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)/Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (JOCA) project is promoting economic reform by sharing the culture, technology, and environmental initiatives of Japan with these young people and increasing foreign students’ understanding of Japan. On Thursday, July 11th, approximately 30 students of South Pacific University arrived, and they were given a tour of campus, attended orientation, met with our students, sat in on classes, etc.

After arriving, they attended a welcome lecture by Professor Mika Miyasone of the International Exchange Committee and were greeted by the Committee Chair, Vice President Hiroshi Konno, watched a DVD introducing our school, and observed the Yagiyama Campus classrooms and labs of the departments of Electronics and Intelligent Systems, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Management, and Environment and Energy.
Next they attended a luncheon held in the cafeteria where they exchanged ideas with our students, and after which the exchange students performed a Fijian dance. Then a representative of the exchange student group offered a carved wood bowl and a tapestry woven from tree bark as a show of thanks. Finally, they were escorted to the Nagamachi Campus where they observed the exhibits, facilities, and labs of the departments of Creative Design and Life Design for Safety and Amenity, after which they departed.

Agreement with Hanoi University of Science and Technology.


On April 18, 2013, our School of Engineering entered into a study exchange agreement with the School of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam.

Established in 1956, the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUT) was Vietnam’s first national engineering university. Since then, it has served as the main engine driving the education of engineers and the chemists who are the lifeblood of industry in Vietnam.
HUT’s graduates engage in a variety of fields, from the domestic economy to science and technology, making great contributions to the country.
Now they are making proactive strides toward internationalization, and they have entered into research and education exchange agreements with research labs of 200 universities and companies in 32 countries.
We look forward to substantive exchanges among students and educators through collaborative research, in which we can learn from each other and promote research activities.