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NEWS & TOPICS [2015]

Study exchange agreement with Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan


Department Chairman of Management and
Communication Prof. Mika Miyasone

President Prof. Miyagi, Department Chairman of Management and Communication Prof. Miyasone, and a member of the International Committee, Associate Prof. Xu, travelled to Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan to take part in the ceremony of agreement, held on September 14.
Hsuan Chuang University was founded in 1997 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, originally as “Hsuan Chuang
――College of Humanities and Social Sciences.”
We look forward to substantive exchanges among students and educators through collaborative research, in which we can learn from each other and promote research activities, especially that most closely related to activities concerning the Department of Management and Communication and Department of Creative Design.

Internship Student from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


The Ceremony for completion and Internship report from Internship student Ms. Sarah Quintina Latuharhary from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology was held on September 9. Sarah had been here for 2 months beginning July 6. In her final presentation report, Sarah mentioned that she felt satisfied that she was able to do something to help in one of the areas devastated by the 2011 earthquake. Sarah related her good experience of taking part in a tea ceremony, shiratama dango cooking and introducing Indonesian food in Jonan high school during her stay. Sarah also spoke about helping out at TohTech’s English conversation class and her work at the university’s regional alliance center.
In their appraisal of Sarah’s stay, teachers and other people who worked with Sarah spoke of how motivated she was, how well she worked after some initial difficulties and praised her final presentation.