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Welcome to Sendai!
Students coming to Tohtech from Hsusan Chuang University in Taiwan (12 Nov. 2019)
Join the event of International exchange hold on St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas, USA (4 Sep. 2019)
Join the event of International exchange hold on Hsusan Chuang University in Taiwan (20 May. 2019)
The signing ceremony of the International Partnership Agreement was carried out with Guangzhou University in China (20 May. 2019)
2018 The 6th Biennial Symposium Co-hosted by Tohoku Institute of Technology and Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology was held at Tohtech, Sendai (26 Nov. 2018)
The signing ceremony of the International Partnership Agreement was carried out with Liaoning Technical University in China (28 Sep. 2018)
Join the summer school on Hsusan Chuang University in Taiwan (28 Sep. 2018)
Join the summer program on Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology in Thailand (28 Sep. 2018)
2018 Workshop on 311 Earthquake and Welcome party (30 Aug. 2018)
Join the spring program in Chung Yuan Christian University (30 Aug. 2018)
Join the Cross Culture Program in Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (30 Aug. 2018)
Attend the International Conference on Business and Industrial Research (ICBIR2018) in Thailand (30 Aug. 2018)
The signing ceremony of the International Partnership Agreement was carried out with Daejin University in South Korea (30 Aug. 2018)
Join the summer program in Thai-nichi Institute of Technology in Thailand (2 Oct. 2017)
Join to the training course of Chinese and Culture of Taiwan in Hsusan Chuang University (2 Oct. 2017)
Join the 10th Anniversary Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology Celebration Party And concluded the agreement of international exchange (2-4 Aug. 2017)
Held a ceremony of short-term international students from Hsusan Chuang University Taiwan (14 Jul. 2017)
Join to the International Cultural Week in Hsusan Chuang University Taiwan (5 Jun. 2017)
Study exchange agreement with Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan (16 Sep. 2015)
Internship Student from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (9 Sep. 2015)
Post-symposium messages from TNI teachers and students. (20 Nov. 2014)
Joint symposium with Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (5 Nov. 2014)
Two Exchange students to Chung Yuan Christian University (31 Oct. 2014)
4th TNI Symposium featuring speakers and presentations from Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology and Tohoku Institute of Technology will be held on October 17, 2014 (17 Sep. 2014)
A training briefing session and the completion ceremony was held for students from Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (13 Jun. 2014)
47 Malaysian university students made a visit to our Nagamachi campus (2 Jun. 2014)
Group of 100 from University of Indonesia Visit Our School (9 May 2014)
Exchange Students from Thai Nichi Institute of Technology (9 May 2014)
Study exchange agreement with the Illinois Institute of Technology. (13 Nov. 2013)
Three of our students visit foreign countries through the "Kizuna Project" (29 Jul. 2013)
Students from South Pacific University came to our university through the JENESYS2.0 program which hosts short-term exchange students from Pacific island nations. (19 July 2013)
Agreement with Hanoi University of Science and Technology. (17 June 2013)
Report on Exchange Workshop with Students from the Philippines “Participating in Kizuna Bond Project” (29 Jan. 2013)
News about Kizuna Bond Project “Exchange Workshop with Students from the Philippines” was broadcasted in the Philippines! (22 Jan. 2013)
Announcement: Web broadcast of a special TV coverage of our graduate students. (25 Dec. 2012)
Re. Agreement with Korea University. (13 Dec. 2012)
Donation from Tonji University, Shanghai, China. (17 July. 2012)
Renewal of School Exchange Agreement between Chung Yuan Christian University and Tohoku Institute of Technology. (3 July. 2012)
“Voices of International Students” can be looked at now.
(28 Nov. 2011)
Gerard Jimmy Paraison won first prize in the Japanese speech contest. (19 Oct. 2011)
President Krisada Visavateeranon of Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (T.N.I) from Thailand visited Tohoku Institute of Technology (T.I.T.). (22 Sep. 2011)
International exchange information Web site opened. (29 Mar. 2011)


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