Helping you to achieve your goals and dreams
– studying with us at Tohtech in Sendai!

Our institute, Tohoku Institute of Technology, is one of the universities leading the field of engineering education in Japan. The excellent professors and laboratories found at Tohtech will enable you to both examine and design new techniques and technologies, aiming to create products and help cultivate communities to improve the quality of life in today’s society.
Studying in Japan, and especially in Sendai can offer students a number of unique experiences:
- In addition to having a bustling urban city center, Sendai has easy access to both the mountains and other rural areas, and the sea. Studying here will allow you to work hard at your research, but also enjoy the bustle of the city and the beauty of the Japanese countryside.

- Some of you may have an interest in the huge earthquake which occurred in 2011 and the ongoing restoration processes in Tohoku. Coming here, you will be able to see firsthand how the people of Tohoku have tackled the difficulties arising from that natural disaster and how they continue to work hard to recreate sustainable communities in the areas which were damaged in the earthquake.

- Thanks to the number of high-profile universities in Sendai, there are many foreign students from all over the world studying here. If you come to study with us, you too will have the chance to interact with Sendai’s growing international community.

I am sure that you have many questions about the professors or the types of study and research available at Tohoku Institute of Technology. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you, answering your questions, and helping you to achieve your goals and dreams.




Doctor of Engineering, Waseda University(1994)
Graduate School of Engineering, Waseda University (1993)
Urban Environmental Engineering
[Specialized Fields]
Urban Climate, Urban Energy System, Lifeline Engineering, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
The Technical Fellow, the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan, 2013 AIUE-O Prize, Asian Institute of Urban Environment, 2015