Privacy Policy

How TOHTECH deals with personal information protection

TOHTECH Inc. recognizes well the importance of personal information and tries to protect and manage it appropriately

Definition of personal information

Personal information is information data on the individuals – the teaching staff members, undergraduates and graduate students enrolled at present and in the past, their guardians, their families and those applied correspondingly. It also means the information that can identify a specific individual from what we have collected for our operation. For example, it includes information on identity and background, enrollment record, study reports and so on. It also includes that of applicants for entrance.

Collection of personal information

We collect personal information within a range of necessity after we clarify the purpose of collection.

Use and offer of information

We use the collected information only for certain purpose and don’t offer any information to third persons. This, however, does not apply when we have to obey laws or we have an agreement from the individual before offering his or her information. When we outsource the procession, we make sure by contract that no leak or offer should be done thorough management.

Management and custody

We always keep the collected information accurate and up to date and we take necessary measures in order not to have it falsified, eliminated or leaked.

Request for disclosure, correction and deletion

You can request disclosure, correction and deletion of your personal information. In this case you fill in the prescribed form to submit to the administrator. In some cases we cannot accept your request if it hinders the information of the third person or our operation. In that case we clarify its reason in writing.

Request for suspension of use, offer and disclosure of personal information

You can request suspension of use, offer and disclosure of your information to the administrator if your information is used inappropriately or offered to a third person without any justifiable reason.

Protesting the redress of a grievance

You can lodge complaints if your information is not disclosed without any justifiable reason. The committee of personal information protection at TOHTECH will deliberate your protest and notify the result. TOHTECH observes the law related with and applied to the personal information we have and will maintain and improve our grappling and protection mentioned above in each item.

Personal information protection regarding entrance examinations

TOHTECH (we from the following on) recognizes well the importance of protecting information offered by the applicants or students while in operation. We also pay full attention to its use and management based on the following “personal information protection policy” regarding entrance examinations.

Personal information protection policy

We try to keep and control secret information by assigning one responsible for dealing with personal information and others in charge of personal information.

We clarify the purpose of collecting personal information.

We don’t use personal information outside TOHTECH on principle.

We observe the laws related with personal information protection.

Purposes for use

We use personal information we have acquired for the following purposes:

(1) To send application forms, institute brochures, guidebooks and so on to notify open-campus, consulting events on entrance examinations and to make statistic data.

(2) Personal Information including applicants’ guardians on application is for a series of various notices until entrance – certificates for examination, notices of results, entrance procedure forms (school registers, students’ records), permits of entrance, entrance refusal forms, invitation to entrance ceremony, issue of students’ ID cards.

(3) Study-related things after entrance (subject registration, making a list of students study reports and so on), enrollment-related things (processing various enrollment records and issue of certificates and so on), course-related things (employment records, employment support and so on), students’-life-related things (scholar selection, medical check, various registration and application, use of facilities and so on) and their notices to students and their guardians.

(4) Other work necessary for our education, research and students’ support.

Offering personal information to the third person

We offer personal information we have collected to the third person only in the following cases:

(1) When we get in touch with the supporters’ association, the alumni association, students’ association and the scholarship organization.

(2) When we entrust our work to a consignor that we have made a contract with safety management in.

(3) When we are asked to disclose information through proper procedures defined in the laws.

Disclosing personal information

When you would like to disclose, change or delete your personal information, please contact the following person responsible for dealing with personal information. We will disclose, change or delete the information we have collected only if we can confirm you are the person.

Norio Iwasa

Responsible for dealing with personal information

Public Relations Section for Entrance Examinations

Tohoku Institute of Technology

Tel 022-305-3111

Personal information on the website

We don’t disclose information related with your privacy on the website. Nor do we offer it to a third person. It is the same with the teaching staff members.But we disclose the information such as the names of the teachers who compose the departments, the themes, subjects and so on that are necessary to the educational operation of our institute.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

We don’t disclose information related with your privacy on the website. Nor do we offer it to a third person. It is the same with the teaching staff members.

But we disclose the information such as the names of the teachers who compose the departments, the themes, subjects and so on that are necessary to the educational operation of our institute.

Access log

We record the information of the person as a log who gets access to our website.

This access log includes the domain name, IP address, the type of browser, the access time etc. of the person who get access. But no one can get the information that specifies the person. We sometimes use this access log for the statistic analysis of the website accesses but not for any other purpose.


Cookie is data that the website side transmits and receives when a user sees the website(home pages). It enables us to recognize the computer with which the user browses the site. For example, when a user gets access to our website by logging in his user ID or his password and goes on to a different page, he doesn’t have to log in again since the server uses the Cookie and makes its reference.

We sometimes use the recognition of the user’s computer for statistic analysis but not for any other purpose. You can change the configuration of Cookie and cancel its function in the browser that you use. In this case, all of or a part of the services of the homepage might not be used.

Management of personal information

The TOHTECH homepage committee that operates and manages our homepage has a management system that aims at the appropriate use of personal information and its protection. If you would like to correct or delete improper information on our website, we will cope with it appropriately.